The Americans


by Carole Avalon

Join us, comrades, fellow travelers, enemy agents and retro ’80s fans for a weekly review of this capitalistic media portrayal of patriotic undercover agents Elizabeth and Phillip Jennings.

Will they achieve their vital missions, have sex with interesting people and try on new wigs?

As if there was any doubt.

Season 4

Season 4/Episode 1: “Glanders”

Season 4/Episode 2: “Pastor Tim”

Season 4/Episode 3: “Experimental Prototype of Tomorrow”

Season 4/Episode 4: “Chloramphenicol”

Season 4/Episode 5: “Clark’s Place”

Season 5/Episode 6: “The Rat”

Season 4/Episode 7: “Travel Agents”

Season 4/Episode 8: “The Magic of David Copperfield V: The Statue of Liberty Disappears”

Season 4/Episode 9: “The Day After”

Season 4/Episode 10: “Munchkins”

Season 4/Episode 11: “Dinner for Seven”

Season 4/Episode 12: “A Roy Rogers in Franconia”


Season 3

For the third season, I imagined an alternate reality in which the show is being reviewed by a Soviet admirer in a modern world where the Berlin Wall came down but the Soviet Union has survived to the present time. It made for a fun experiment but hard on first-time readers.  Season four, I’ve gone with a straight-forward (left-leaning) approach.

Season 3/Episode 13: “March 8, 1983”

Season 3/Episode 12: “I Am Abassin Zedrad”

Season 3/Episode 11: “A Day in the Life of Anton Baklanov”

Season 3/Episode 10: “Stingers”

Season 3/Episode 9: “Do Mail Robots Dream of Electric Sheep”

Season 3/Episode 8 “Divestment”

Season 3/Episode 7 “Walter Taffet”

Season 3/Episode 6 “Born Again”

Season 3/Episode 5 “Salang Pass”

Season 3/Episode 4 “Dime Bag”

Season 3/Episode 3 “Open House”

Season 3/Episode 2 “Baggage”

Season 3/Episode 1 “EST Men”