Kelly Sinclair

Kelly Sinclair


A graduate of the University of Texas-Permian with a major in mass communications, Sinclair has lived up to that description, having written for print and online publications. She was a longtime reporter for the Brownfield News and currently is a contributor to People’s World newspaper. Visit her page at: She is a native Texan, a novelist and a singer-songwriter.

Her political writings can currently be found on the People’s World newspaper website.

Below are a few:

Sandra Bland Had the Right to Say No

Sandra Bland’s Jailers Spinning Autopsy Results

Dead at 28, Sandra Bland’s Texas Dream Turned Nightmare

Marriage Rights One County at a Time in Texas

Bikers and Librarians: Profiled in Central Texas

Lesbians who chose visibility: Unsung heroes of women’s movement

Three-Fifths a Citizen

The Country of the (Growing) Blind

Lead Me On: Being Thankful in an Unfriendly Land

Cop Stop: Driving While Gay

Texas Towns Run Dry as Private Water Trumps Public Need

My Father, Southern Baptists and the Battle for the Soul of America

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